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Posted February 05 2010

Thought for the Year
“You are the most perfect, wonderful and complete idea that God has ever had”

Welcome to the new decade and welcome to our 2010 Huntingtower school year, which is going to be amazing. I am sure that you all had a wonderful holiday and are ready for the excitement that this year will bring.

The “thought for the year” is what we as teachers at Huntingtower will be holding in our thought about your child and I encourage all of you to do the same. I am sure you agree that the evidence that it is our thinking that ultimately creates our reality is becoming incontrovertible. When we constantly speak of good, focus on what is good and expect good, we find that this is what our lives attract. When we focus on negatives, look for what is bad and expect things to go wrong, that is what we will attract into our experience. We are literally creating our own experience. This means that if you and we hold in our thought that your child is this perfect, complete expression of infinite intelligence and divine Love, we will bring this into our and their experience. It is certainly a happier way to be anyway. Optimism always feels better than its opposite.

So let’s keep our hearts and minds focussed on thinking, speaking and acting in accord with the outcomes we seek.

In this verse of a poem by Mary Baker Eddy we read:
“Think truly, and thy thoughts
Shall the whole world’s famine feed;
Speak truly, and each word of thine
Shall be a fruitful seed;
Live truly, and thy life shall be
A great and noble creed.”

At the commencement assembly I mentioned the wonderful VCE results achieved by our 2009 graduating class. We are very proud of the entire class. A quick summary is that we once again had a 100% VCE success rate and a 100% tertiary acceptance rate.

39% of all ENTER scores were over 90 and 80% were over 80.

The school was ranked by the Herald Sun and Age newspapers as 30th out of all schools including selective entry schools and 8th out of all Co-educational schools in the state.

We congratulate Anne-Marie Johnson for receiving an Australian Government award for being a top 500 student in the VCE of 2008. What a fine achievement.

The new “MySchool” government web site is of great concern as I fear that all schools will now start “teaching to the test”. This is inevitable as the information is being published by the press in a format which starts to create league tables of schools. The danger is that we cease teaching for a wide and broad education that genuinely prepares students for the 21st Century and simply focus on getting good short-term outcomes. The NAPLAN results are very useful in identifying areas that may need attention, be they for individual students or for subject areas, however, I do not think they should be used to “rank” schools. Furthermore, the schools against which one is ranked seem quite strange. How a select entry school (North Sydney Boys High) can be “ranked” with a school like Huntingtower is beyond me. The similarities end with the name “school”.

Huntingtower looks very good on the NAPLAN analysis but there are areas that we will be addressing to ensure that any weaknesses are taken care of.

I wish everyone a very happy, successful and joyous 2010.

Sholto Bowen

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