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Posted June 20 2008

Diary Dates:
Sunday July 27: Sunday Winter Market
August 7, 8 & 9: School Musical – ‘Anything Goes’
Sunday October 12: Camerata
Saturday 8 November: School Fete for 2008




Sunday 27 July 12noon – 4pm – Winter Market

Jewellery, handbags, potted bulbs, hand made cards, lingerie, second hand books, fresh produce, bric-a-brac, gems and crystals, tupperware, enjo, nutrimetics and plenty more. Make sure you invite your friends and family!

Thanks to all those families who are enjoying Molly Dene’s pies. Thanks to those families who rounded their contribution up to make a donation to the PTA – and particular thanks to the Helen and the Verbeek family.
Joy did a sterling job putting it all together. Watch for the follow up pie drive, scheduled for late third term.

Calling all Year 4 Mums!   Time for an evening to ourselves…Please join us for dinner and a movie next Wednesday, June 25th. Contact Janet for details.

Class lists

give your child the information they need to communicate with their class colleagues out of school hours. They also give you the information you need to get in touch with other parents – and you just never know when you might need to….  If you do not have a class list, or want to ensure your contact details are included, please contact your class rep – or Judy (9571 9740) to find out who your class rep is.

LAST CALL – Year 9 Families:

Contacts needed for year 9 information sharing. Please email to to be included. Many thanks, your class reps Jane & Marion.

Clean jars, all shapes and sizes, with lids needed for jams and chutney stall at fete. Please call Jean on 9893 6660

(particularly if you would like to help FILL some of them) or leave at the office.

IMPORTANT …. Our School Fete NEEDS YOU! We are seeking the help of a few talented and dedicated individuals / small teams to take on some very important functions. These are essential, strategic and vital jobs and roles, and include promotion / advertising; signage; food handling, sponsorship and rides. If you are interested, please call a committee member…. Today!

Sunday 27 July – Winter Market: We are looking for individuals/ clubs / social or sporting groups who would like to sell their wares – and welcome everything from Tupperware to jewellery, cards, enjo, craft and all other goodies. Please pass on details to your friends and family members who may also like to participate. Stalls will be under cover and cost $50 each. Stall holders will be provided with a trestle table and two chairs. Join with a friend and make it a ‘funner’ day. Contact Sheree Amprimo via email for further information.











Second Hand Books?  We love them!!  Please look through your bookshelves – if you have any books you don’t want give them to the PTA! Please leave them at the green shed, just up from the boarding house.

Did you know Airstream Café donate a portion of your bill to the school – if they know where you are from? When paying, simply ASK how your bill can be recorded to benefit Huntingtower.

Farm Pride Eggs: Our school has registered to participate in the Farm Pride and Golden Egg Farm collect-a-thon. Every token collected from Farm Pride and Golden Farm Eggs packs will earn 50c for the PTA. There is a tin in the foyer of the office, just waiting for your tokens. Please cut out the 50c tokens from your egg cartons. Proceeds will help our PTA coffers! Funds raised will go to help buy some much needed items for the ELC area. Watch out for the posters in classrooms and around the school.

November 8 is the School Fete: Does anyone know of / work in / run / own a business that would be able to assist the school with the fete in November? We are looking for companies who could supply or quote on goods such as marquees, portable cool rooms, PA systems, advertising, marketing, food supplies. All suggestions / any help very much appreciated. Please contact one of the PTA committee members for further information. Details below.

Your Parent Teacher Association: Don’t be shy. As part of the school community, you are invited, encouraged and very welcome to attend all PTA meetings. You will learn much about the school, what is happening and how it functions.

Committee members for 2008 are happy to be contacted: 

Sheree Amprimo 9800 4430
Jean Barrand 9893 6660
Joy Di Fede 9574 9993
Judy Orford 9571 9740 

Jenny Salgo 9802 5058 
Sabrina Samaranayake

We welcome your feedback, support, participation in PTA activities and ideas for fund raising.













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