Senior and Junior Orchestral and Choral Concert Information

Posted June 06 2008

Thursday June 19 2008 – 7.00pm
Performing Arts Centre

Thank you for your fantastic work this year – it has been much appreciated and has been thoroughly enjoyed by all audiences. The Junior and Senior Orchestral and Choral Concert will be a great opportunity for many of our ensembles and choirs to perform so we do hope all families and friends will come to enjoy a magnificent night in the Performing Arts Centre. DON’T MISS IT!!
The following groups will perform:

Concert Band
Senior Orchestra
Senior Choir
Senior Chamber Choir
Senior String Orchestra
Middle School Orchestra
Middle School Chamber Choir
Brass Ensemble
Junior Ensemble
Junior Orchestra
Junior Choir
Junior Chamber Choir


  •  It will be a short concert!! (each group will perform for approximately 5 or 6 minutes or less!)
  • The music is very easy to listen to including Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, folk songs, popular songs, light jazz, Lord of the Dance and other Irish favourites, a brass fanfare and more.
  • It is wonderful to hear the amazing talent of over 300 performers from Years 3 to 12.
  • For the concert to be a success it is ESSENTIAL for every member of each group to attend. Please contact me IMMEDIATELY (Lynley Bramble BH 9807 8888, AH 9803 7701) email: if there is a problem.
  • Please put this schedule where you can constantly refer to it.
  • Please let me know IMMEDIATELY if you are unable to attend any rehearsals. There are only a maximum of 2 rehearsals of any group before the concert so it is ESSENTIAL please that EVERY player attends.
  • Please take note carefully of any CHANGE of normal rehearsal time or extra rehearsals NB. CONCERT BAND and SENIOR ORCHESTRA especially.
  • Please attend all rehearsals on time and be ready to play at the START of every rehearsal.
  • If you do have a lunchtime rehearsal, please come at the START of lunchtime and bring your lunch with you. If you are having a canteen lunch please remember to put in an order.
  • Many thanks to you all!



NB. SENIOR STUDENTS – Please note carefully the changes of rehearsal days for some groups especially CONCERT BAND and SENIOR ORCHESTRA. There are very few rehearsals so PLEASE BE THERE!!


Friday 6 June                 8.25am            Junior Ensemble
Monday 9 June              Midterm Break
Tuesday 10 June            7.50am            Junior Ensemble
                             NB   8.25am            Junior Orchestra
                                      6.00pm           Years 5 and 6 Piano Concert
Wednesday 11 June NB 7.50am           CONCERT BAND
                                       8.25am          Junior Orchestra/Junior Ensemble
Thursday 12 June            7.50am          Senior Orchestra
Friday 13 June                7.50am          String Orchestra
                                       8.15pm          Brass Ensemble
                                     Lunchtime        Concert Band tutorial – Saxaphones, Trombones, Euphonium, Tuba
Monday 16 June      NB 7.50am           SENIOR ORCHESTRA
                                    Start of lunch     String Orchestra
Tuesday 17 June             7.50am           Middle School Orchestra
                                   P 6 and 7           Senior Choir
Wednesday 18 June NB 7.50am           CONCERT BAND
                                       8.25am           Junior Orchestra/Junior Ensemble
Thursday 19 June           It is essential that every player attends each relevant rehearsal on time.
                                       7.45am           Senior Orchestra PLEASE be on time
                                       8.25am           Brass Ensemble and Concert Band
                                       TBA               Junior Orchestra and Junior Ensemble
                                      12 noon           Junior Choir/Junior Chamber Choir
                                      7.00pm           CONCERT



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