Sports News

EISM Term 1 Senior School Sport Round Up

Huntingtower had six Senior Sport teams make the Summer Sport semi-finals at the end of Term 1.  Three of those teams went on to contest the Grand Finals.  Congratulations to the students and coaches of the Girls Volleyball A and Softball teams and the Boys Tennis team for they all won the premierships for 2010!  Special thanks to the coaches, Mr Newman and Mr Rees (Volleyball), Mr Borbely (Softball), and Mr Brown and Miss Beal (Boys Tennis) for preparing and supporting their players over the short but tough season.


Drink Bottles and Hydration

A new addition to the range of items available for students and parents are drink bottles with the Huntingtower Crest.  It is important that students are well hydrated throughout the day and thus it is vital that all students bring a drink bottle to all sport sessions and PE lessons. 

The drink bottles are available for purchase at the HT Shop, the HT Kitchen or from Ms Savage directly.  The cost is $6.00.


Lost Property

An increasing amount of very good quality school clothing and miscellaneous items are being left around the school.  Unfortunately, the majority of items bare no label for identity of ownership.  Due to the mounting volumes we can only carry such items for a short period of time.  To help reduce this problem, please would parents have students’ school clothing and relevant items clearly named.  Unclaimed school clothing will be donated to the HT Shop for second-hand sales and unclaimed casual clothing to local charities.