Music Notes



Sunday 2 December

6pm  Short Concert

Featuring the FULL Senior Orchestra, FULL Concert Band, FULL Middle School Orchestra and String Orchestra

all playing short, entertaining works

6.45pm  Dinner Provided for Everyone!!

Sausage Sizzle, Pizzas (including vegetarian and vegan), salads, fruit, savouries, sandwiches, wraps, chips, cakes, desserts, drinks and much more

Venue: Music Centre (or PAC if it is raining!)

ALL Senior players are expected to attend (it is our replacement for the usual Speech Night rehearsal and Break Up dinner) but we do hope that all families and friends will come also to enjoy a friendly, enjoyable evening. Junior School families are also very welcome. (There will be NO speeches or presentations to hold up the proceedings but just lots of fun together!)

Everyone is extremely WELCOME so we will look forward to seeing you all.


Junior Orchestra and Little Symphony musicians will receive a schedule of rehearsals next week and Senior Orchestra and Concert Band musicians will also have a rehearsal schedule sent to them during the next week.

If you do not receive a schedule please contact Lynley Bramble (BH 9807 8888 AH 9803 7701) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as it is essential that every player attends every rehearsal please.


Sincere appreciation is extended to over 400 students covering all year levels who have performed throughout 2018. Our musicians are at all stages of development and we thoroughly enjoy, support and appreciate every performance and appreciate also the emerging talent inherent in each performer. The audiences have always been warm and enthusiastic – many thanks to you all for your great support.

We have recently enjoyed a wonderful concert given by our Year 7 students and we congratulate every student for the professional way in which each item was presented and for the amazing standard achieved. Once again we were extremely fortunate to have an enthusiastic and supportive audience.

During the holidays and throughout the term we also had magnificent recitals by our VCE Music Performance students – 30 minutes of music all performed from memory. Hearty congratulations to all our VCE Music students who have worked constantly for many years to reach such a high standard.

Some of our students doing AMEB exams also gave magnificent recitals during the holidays to help prepare for upcoming exams.

We have one final solo concert for 2018 and this concert will be over by the time this Bulletin is released:

Little Symphony Solo Concert on Thursday 15 November at 6pm in the Orchestral Room. We will hear more some delightful music from Years Prep, 1 and 2 orchestral players and then some wonderful items from the Little Symphony.


  • The Year 7 and 8 Choir and Middle School Orchestra who performed beautifully at Orientation Day for the 2018 Year 7 students. We hope that many of the 2018 Year 7 students will join our orchestras, Concert Band and choirs next year. Special congratulations must be given to the orchestral players who demonstrated their instruments so beautifully. Much thought and preparation had gone into each demonstration. Enormous thanks to Mrs Sharon Hunter for her magnificent work with the Year 7 and 8 Choir.
  • All the musicians in the Senior School who have demonstrated such amazing dedication throughout the entire year. We are sincerely grateful to our Year 12 musicians who have given us such wonderful music over so many years. We will miss you all very much indeed but hope that you will come back often and perform with us. A special thank-you to Mrs Lisa Sutton for the superb singing in the Senior Choir and Senior Chamber Choir and Mrs Sharon Hunter for the superb singing in the Year 7 and 8 Choir.
  • Every student in the Junior School for his/her wonderful contribution to the music at the Junior Celebration evening which will be held on Thursday 29 November. Everyone is involved in the massed singing (as a singer or orchestral player) and the result will be electrifying. Sincere thanks to Ms Carly Major Gough for her superb work with the three Junior choirs and Junior music classes.
  • The Citizenship Ensemble who always perform beautifully at the many Citizenship Ceremonies throughout the year. We are extremely grateful to these musicians and their parents for their dedication to these very important events.


The Senior House Music Festival is held early next year so auditions for soloists will be held in the second week of Term 1 2019. Musicians are encouraged to start practising for the auditions now!!! More details about the auditions will be sent out toward the end of the holidays. ALL auditionees will represent their Houses and perform in solo concerts in the fourth week of Term 1.


All the members of the Music Department extend our sincere gratitude to you all for a wonderful year and wish you all the very best for a happy and peaceful Christmas season and a refreshing holiday.

As I am writing this final Bulletin article, I find it impossible to express my enormous appreciation to you all for the amazing support, love, warmth, help, friendship, care and much more which you have all given to me during the 30 ½ years which I have been at Huntingtower. I came in very quietly to teach 4 delightful violin/viola students and I have now worked with countless more amazing young people (and parents also of course!) during this time. I remember you all with great love and affection and I have been so privileged to have been able to follow the students often all the way from Pre-Prep to post university days to the present time. Four of my very first students will come and play in the String Orchestra at our Grand Finale concert so please come and see them! I have asked to leave Huntingtower in the quiet way which I arrived (no farewells, no fuss) but this does not mean that I will not forever feel the gratitude which I reciprocate to you tenfold – I am the very privileged person who has gained so much from my association with you all. Thanks for absolutely everything and all my love to you all!

Lynley Bramble