Music Notes


During Term 1 the school resounded with harmony as many groups (small and large) of choristers and instrumentalists took up the challenge of preparing for the 2017 House Music Festival. Every student in Years 7 to 12 was involved in the House Choir and over half of the students in each House performed in the House Orchestra. The House Music Captains delved deeply into the resources of their House and produced magnificent results in all sections. The orchestras and choirs played and sang with excitement, enthusiasm and a great variety of tone colour and the Instrumental Ensembles, Chamber Choirs, Soloists and House pianists also performed with remarkable poise, brilliance and musicianship.

The Festival was held over seven exciting nights, the first six evenings featuring concerts of talented soloists and instrumental ensembles. The final evening was held at Robert Blackwood Hall and the Huntingtower community must be thanked for the wonderful support given to the choirs and orchestras as the vast auditorium was filled by an enthusiastic audience.

The adjudicators Mr Errol Fernando and Mr Joshua de Graaf spoke about the immense value and privilege of being involved in performing in such a unique Festival and they were extremely appreciative of all participants including parents and members of the audience and of the extremely high standard achieved by the students. They were happy that the results were very close as all Houses deserved to be winners and the importance of the Festival is the participation, not the result! Nevertheless, an overall result had to be given and Warrell's performances put them slightly ahead. Only a small margin separated Mather from Rayner and Bruce. Congratulations and sincere appreciation to all involved.

Hearty congratulations to all students who participated in the House Music Festival and were able to produce performances of such a high standard. Special thanks must be given to our wonderful House Music Captains who undertook the enormous task of directing their respective Houses and did so with such commitment and electrifying success.



Shannan Griffiths

Ebony Marrison

Michelle Song

Chrina Sun Mather

Sophie Cookson

Jasmine Tsai

Sangeeth Vadasseri


Eddie Chen

Morven Curr

Kevin Zhao


Kiara Kim

Shally Liang

Mathew Mo


Daniel Dong

Kendrick Jiang

Marcus Loh-Ekstrand


Li Guan


Yasmine Koudmani

Ebony Marrison


7.00pm, Wednesday 21 June 

Robert Blackwood Hall

This very exciting concert featuring 400 students from Years 3 to 12 will be held in ROBERT BLACKWOOD HALL at Monash University. This is a magnificent auditorium with excellent acoustics for choirs and orchestras and very comfortable seating for a large audience so we do invite all parents, families, old students and friends to come and enjoy this spectacular event! There is no charge and the music will be very exciting, varied and "easy to listen to"!

Please put the date in your diary now and DON'T MISS IT! The following groups will perform:

Junior Choir

Junior Orchestra

Junior Chamber Choir

Year 7 and 8 Choir Middle School Orchestra

Middle School Chamber Choir

String Orchestra

Senior Chamber Choir

Concert Band

Senior Choir

Senior Orchestra


All groups have now settled extremely well into the rehearsal schedule and are making wonderful progress. Full attendance is required at every rehearsal please so it would be extremely helpful if parents could remind students of the rehearsal times. Your help is much appreciated.

Rehearsal Schedule

Mondays 7.45am String Orchestra

Tuesdays 7.45am String Orchestra

Wednesdays 7.45am New String and Wind Ensemble (to start soon TBA)

Wednesdays 8.25am Junior Orchestra

Wednesdays 3.15pm Middle School Concert Band

Thursdays 7.45am Concert Band

Fridays 7.45am Senior Orchestra

Players in New Wind and New String Ensemble will receive a notice before the first rehearsal. Other smaller ensembles will rehearse at various times and individual players will be notified. Little Symphony (Years Prep, 1 and 2) will commence in mid Term 2. All these instrumental ensembles (plus smaller groups such as string orchestras, brass ensembles, stage band and chamber groups) are a great source of enjoyment, fun, social interaction between students of all ages and intellectual stimulation creating a sense of belonging and self worth. The players enjoy the excitement of performing together and they develop a high level of concentration, responsiveness and alertness which is then channelled into their academic performance. It is not too late to join!! If you are interested in learning an instrument and would like to investigate the possibility please don't hesitate to contact Lynley Bramble (BH 9807 8888 AH 9803 7701 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Huntingtower is extremely fortunate to have 7 amazing choirs and these groups are now formed and rehearsing enthusiastically.

Little Choir involves all students in Years 1 and 2 and Prep students will join in second semester. Junior Choir has all students in Years 3 to 6 in ranks and Junior Chamber Choir is a small group with students from Years 4 to 6 who have been chosen by audition.

Likewise the Middle School Chamber Choir (Years 7 to 9) and the Senior Chamber Choir (Years 10 to 12) are also small groups who have been chosen by audition.

The Senior Choir and Year 7 and 8 Choir involve a very large percentage of the Senior students who love to sing. Singing creates a wonderful feeling of team spirit and the students really enjoy taking pride in their achievements.

We are extremely privileged to have Mrs Sharon Hunter as our Director of the Year 7 and 8 Choir in 2017. Sharon is an extremely experienced Choral Director who has directed award winning choirs at Luther College and she is currently on the Music Staff at Scotch College. A warm welcome to Sharon.


At least one solo concert and sometimes two are held for each year level throughout the year. There are also special concerts for players in Years Prep, 1 and 2. Short solo concerts are also held for players from any year level throughout the school. These are especially useful for students who are preparing for exams, eisteddfods or auditions and would like more opportunities to perform.

During Term One our first solo concerts were our wonderful House Music Festival Solo Concerts held several weeks ago where we heard 180 amazing performances from students in Years 7 to 12 over six concerts. The next solo concert was for Year 5 and 6 String Players (concerts for piano and wind players are held later in the year.) The array of talent was wonderful and we also enjoyed a very entertaining item played by the Year 5 and 6 Orchestra.

In the final week of Term 1 we had a wonderful solo concert for any Senior students who wished to perform. The variety and standard of performances was amazing.

NB. The dates for Solo Concerts for Junior Students in Term 2 have been changed from the original dates because of the exciting Junior Musical production "Wind in the Willows" which is being enthusiastically rehearsed by Junior students at the moment. Some of the dates clashed so here are the new Junior Solo Concert dates.


Monday 26 June 6pm Year 3 and 4 Solo Concert

Tuesday 25 July 6pm Junior Piano Concert (Years 1-6)

Monday 31 July 6pm Little Symphony Concert (Years Prep-2)

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Year 10, 11 and 12 musicians will also perform this term and other Senior soloists will perform throughout Terms 3 and 4.


The Double Bass is a spectacular instrument and is the extremely important foundation of any orchestra or band (Concert, Stage and Jazz). We have a wonderful new Double Bass teacher in 2017 and now we need some wonderful new Double Bass students! The Double Bass is big but where possible students are able to keep one instrument at home and use one instrument at school (for only one hire charge.) Double Bass fees for lessons will be drastically reduced for the first two terms of tuition so do come along and try out a double bass and find out more about it – it is a great instrument to play!


• The small group of students from Years 4 to 6 who were invited to attend a special masterclass given by the Principal players from the world famous and brilliant orchestra "The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields" who were in Melbourne on tour from the UK. The students were treated like royalty being given special front row seats and were actively involved in the masterclass. It was a very special experience for us all and the students responded with enthusiasm and impeccable behaviour. A very tiny group then had the privilege of attending a rehearsal with the Academy and its extrovert, charismatic and brilliant director, Joshua Bell.

• The wonderful Citizenship Ensemble who have performed beautifully at ceremonies in Robert Blackwood Hall in March and April. The most recent ceremony was an extra special occasion because our own member of the ensemble, Mia Wu (Year 10) and grandma of our own Mathew Mo (Year 12) both became Australian citizens.


Huntingtower musicians would be very willing to provide a small (or large) ensemble to play beautiful music in a wide variety of styles at any occasion. They have a very comprehensive "gig"folder that includes many special requests. A small fee would be charged as fundraising for the Huntingtower Music Department.


1. Senior and Junior Orchestral and Choral Concert Wednesday 21 June at 7.00pm in Robert Blackwood Hall. All choirs, orchestras and Concert Band (involving students from Years 3 to 12) will perform so please keep the date free and enjoy a fantastic evening!

2. Waverley Eisteddfod Ensemble sections which usually involve every player from Years 3 to 12 on Saturday 12 August – please keep this date free also. The sections may be smaller this year because the PAC will not be available.

3. Huntingtower Arts in Round Sunday 15 October at 2.30pm