Many students from Years Prep - 12 learn orchestral instruments and participate in various ensembles throughout the school.

Little Symphony Years Prep - 2
Junior Orchestra Years 3 - 6
Senior Orchestra Years 7 - 12
Middle School Orchestra Years 7 - 9
Concert Band Years 7 - 12
String Orchestra Senior, Middle, Junior Schools

Various Year level Orchestras
Small Ensembles (Brass Ensembles, Stage Band, String Quartets etc)
The players enjoy the excitement of performing together and they develop a high level of concentration, responsiveness and alertness which is then channelled into their academic performance.  Every year many of Huntingtower's top VCE students are also musicians (in 2004, 2005 and 2006 all students with ENTER scores over 99 were in the orchestra!) and during the presentation of academic awards for any year level the orchestral chairs always seem to be empty!  There are many wonderful extra curricular activities available including opportunities to attend State Music Camps and to participate in many fine youth orchestras and bands when sufficient proficiency is attained.  All students at Huntingtower who learn orchestral instruments can participate in an ensemble as soon as a small degree of proficiency is achieved.  Advanced piano students are involved in the percussion sections of the orchestras but unfortunately it is impossible to involve all piano students at any one time.

If you do not play an instrument, now is an ideal time to start!  Instruments are available to suit the needs of students throughout the school so please don't hesitate to speak to Mrs Lynley Bramble (Director of Music) at school (Music Centre - Room MU8 or ring her after hours (9803 7701) to discuss the availability or suitability of various instruments.  (An instrument tuition form is attached to this newsletter - this need only be filled out by students who wish to start an instrument. Click here to download).  Perhaps you may consider a jazzy double bass, a shiny French horn or trombone, an oboe or bassoon, viola, violin or 'cello - there are many possibilities so do come along and have a go!

Once again this year our exciting House Music Festival will be held on two evenings.

  • Tuesday 11 March - 7.00pm in the Performing Arts Centre.  Solos and Instrumental Ensembles.

  • Monday 17 March at 7.30pm House Orchestras, House Choirs and Chamber Choirs.  Light Entertainment.

  • COMPULSORY attendance for all students in Years 7 to 12.  NB Besen Centre - Mt Scopus.

The House Orchestras and Choirs have begun rehearsing already.  Enthusiastic support will be given to our House Music leaders who will work tirelessly over the next few weeks as they guide their Houses to the final wonderful performances.
The very exciting second evening of the House Music Festival on Monday 17 March at 7.30pm will be held at the BESEN CENTRE at Mt Scopus College.  This is a magnificent auditorium with excellent acoustics for the choirs and orchestras and a huge stage for the Light Entertainment.  It is also a very large hall so we do invite all parents, families, old students and friends to come and enjoy this spectacular event!  There will be a comfortable seat for everyone and there is no charge.  Junior School children will love the excitement of the evening and it will not be a long night.  Every student in Years 7 to 12 will perform in his/her House Choir and over 60 percent of the students perform in the House Orchestras (It is a COMPULSORY event for all Senior students).
Please invite all your friends and especially notify any old students whom you may know of the venue.  This would be much appreciated.
Please note carefully as you may need to purchase an item of clothing from the Huntingtower School Shop before the evening.

Girls: Summer dress
  White socks worn at the correct length
  Shiny black shoes
  Hair ribbons or scrunchies if relevant in the correct colour
Boys: Long sleeved blue shirt with sleeves rolled down and buttons done up!
  School tie
  Long grey trousers
  Dark socks
  Shiny black shoes

The solo auditions will be held over the next 2 weeks and the audition times have been put up in many places around the school.  Please check the time carefully and contact Mrs Bramble IMMEDIATELY if you are unable to attend at your rostered time or if your name doesn't appear and you would like to audition.

  • Tuesday 19 february 3.45pm - 5.30pm Years 7, 8, 9.

  • Wednesday 20 February 3.45pm - 5.30pm Years 7, 8, 9.

  • Thursday 21 February 3.45pm - 5.30pm Years 10, 12

  • Tuesday 26 February 3.45pm - 5.30pm Year 11

All auditionees will have the opportunity to perform either at the House Music Solo and Ensemble Concert on Tuesday 11 March at 7.00pm or at the Senior Solo Concert on Tuesday 4 March at 7.00pm.  A letter will be sent to each performer after the auditions giving the details of the concert at which he/she has been chosen to perform.

Tuesday 4 March 7.00pm Orchestral Room
You are all warmly invited to attend and hear a wide variety of enjoyable items performed by many of our talented Senior musicians.  If you would like to perform and are not doing a House Music solo audition, Mrs Bramble would be thrilled to hear from you.  Please write down the name and composer of the work you would like to perform and give it to her as soon as possible.  This is a great opportunity to hear performers from all year levels.

HOUSE MUSIC SOLOS and INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES Thursday 11 March - Performing Arts Centre at 7.00pm
Please come and support your House and enjoy an amazing array of talent from our young performers.  The Instrumental Ensembles will be rehearsing enthusiastically for many hours during the weekends and the soloists have worked tirelessly to perfect their art.  It will be a great evening!

Most lessons have commenced and great progress is being made!  It will not be long before students who have just started an orchestral instrument will become part of one of the orchestras, Little Symphony or Concert Band.  It is great fun and extremely rewarding so if you would like to learn an instrument and would like to have a look at and try out of some of the available instruments please contact Mrs Bramble (AH 9803 7701).  It is not too late to try and all students from Years Prep to 12 are very welcome.
Unfortunately there are no saxophones left but you may like to try a shiny trombone or French Horn or bassoon (these instruments would suit older students from Years 6 to 12).  If you have already put in a Music tuition form and have not had a lesson yet the lessons should start very soon.
There has been a slight delay with the service and return of some instruments and three of the instrumental teachers have been touring overseas and interstate.
Theory lessons at all AMEB levels are available on Tuesday and Wednesdays after school.  So please speak to Mrs Bramble if you are interested.

CONGRATULATIONS to Thomas Lo and Jason Huang who have been chosen to perform in the VCE Season of Excellence after their outstanding performance at the VCE Music Performance Group exam in 2007.  They will perform at the Top Class Music Group Performance concert on Saturday 15 March at 6.30pm at the Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Building, Southbank.  Everyone is extremely welcome to come along to support Tom and Jason.
Congratulations also to Anne-Marie Johnson who was also chosen to play but is unable to attend the concert.

The Huntingtower String Orchestra will embark on a very exciting tour of Tasmania and Adelaide during the coming school holidays (Thursday 27 March - Sunday 6 April).
The orchestra is extremely privileged to be accompanied  on the tour by world renowned soloists and Principal players with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Prudence Davis and Jeffrey Crellin.
Prue and Jeff (who are our own Huntingtower parents of Max and Martin Crellin) will be soloists on the tour and they will be an enormous drawcard for audiences.  We are extremely grateful to them for being willing to come on the tour as it is a wonderful promotion for Huntingtower.
The String Orchestra will give 4 concerts in Tasmania and 2 concerts in Adelaide and details will be given in the next Bulletin (just in case you may have friends or relatives who could possibly attend one of the concerts!)

1.  House Music Solo Auditions (Years 7 - 9)
Tuesday 19 February 3.45pm - Orchestral Room
2.  House Music Solo Auditions (Years 10 and 12)
Thursday 21 February 3.45pm - Orchestral Room
3.  House Music Solo Auditions (Year 11)
Tuesday 26 February 3.45pm - Orchestral Room
4.  Senior Solo Concert (Years 7 - 12)
Tuesday 4 March 7.00pm - Orchestral Room
5.  House Music Festival Solos/Ensembles
Tuesday 11 March 7.00pm - Performing Arts Centre
6.  House Music Festival - Orchestras/Choirs
Monday 17 March 7.30pm - Besen Centre (Mt Scopus)