Message From the Principal

Thought for the week:

"Do not get upset with people or with situations; both are powerless without your reaction."

As we start another year, our thoughts are focussed on all the wonderful experiences that are going to come our way. Expectation of good and looking for the good in other people and speaking of other people in positive and uplifting terms brings precisely those attributes into our own experience. Einstein said "everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is Physics".

When we match the energy of a disgruntled, unhappy, angry or aggressive person, we encourage and reinforce that reality. When we align with Love, compassion, kindness and gratitude, we bring this reality into our experience.

Those of you who attended the Commencement Assembly, will have heard me speak of our amazing 2018 VCE results. In case you were not there, I will repeat the highlights for you here. If you have already heard it, please skip this paragraph. The 2018 cohort achieved an amazing overall outcome with 13.7% of students achieving an ATAR of 99 or above. Almost 54% achieved a score over 90 and we had a 100% pass rate. Our median study score was 37 and 33.9% of results were over 40. We achieved an unprecedented 15 perfect scores with a number of subjects getting multiple 50s. This result placed us third out of all schools in Victoria, including select entry schools. We are so proud of every student and congratulate them and their teachers on this outstanding performance. We wish them well in their chosen tertiary study.

I have just returned from visiting the Year 12 and Year 7 camps and all our students seem to be living up to the high standards we expect. The sense of one-ness, of inclusiveness and of kindness seemed to pervade both groups. What beautiful children! Thank you for lending them to us.

This is a very busy term and next week (Thursday night) we are holding our twilight Swimming Carnival. All parents are welcome to attend. It would be wonderful to see you there. Other exciting events this term include the House Music Festival, camps for all except Year 9, the inter-school EISM Swimming Carnival and the House Athletics Carnival. The Year 11 Indonesian students will have an exchange to Indonesia this term and the Year 9 Triathlon will take place.

I wish you all a very happy term and a successful and joy-filled year.


Sholto Bowen OAM