Message from the Principal

Thought for the week:

"What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs"

Isn't Love wonderful?

I mean the divine, unconditional kind of love; the kind that never runs out, gets exhausted or changes. The great thing about it is that its who we are. We are the manifestation of Spirit; the expression of Soul and the reflection of Love.The infinite Spirit that some call God, others call "the Universe" and yet others call Elohim, is just that – infinite. It never runs out; it can't, and when we think of ourselves as the emanation of this spirit we realise that we cannot run out of love, of truth, of kindness; in fact we cannot run out of anything that is a spiritual idea. When we realise that we are also the expression of infinite supply, we can never run out of what we need. It is when we think of supply as a physical, limited object that it seems to run out. Infinite abundance is ours in infinite measure.

This expression of Love, generosity and boundless energy was demonstrated recently by our amazing parents who ran the school Fete last weekend. P&F Chairman, Stuart Canning and his Committee; Joe Megas and her Fete team and so many other parents came together in the most generous way to ensure that Huntingtower had a Fete to remember. It was an incredible day but was the culmination of nine months of planning and hard work. I can't thank them enough for all they did.

It was wonderful to see the entire school community turn out to celebrate our beautiful school and enjoy good food, fun activities, great music from our orchestras and also our solo guitarist singers. The children had such fun dancing to the silent disco and the haunted house and escape rooms were a great success. The dunking machine did put a dampener on things however.

While the essential element of the Fete is to bring the community together in a fun environment, there is of course a financial aspect. While we do not yet have final figures, it seems that the P&F will have generated a good level of funds for the school through the activities of the day. My grateful thanks to the whole community for being involved and for supporting this wonderful day.

Last week we celebrated the wonderful achievement of two Year 8 students, Oscar Li and Emily Soo who have just won the grand final of the Junior British Parliamentary Debating competition and are the 2018 Victorian British Parliamentary Debating Champions! There was stiff competition for this and we are so proud of them both.

We also congratulate Hugh Perry who won the Victorian State finals in the Legacy Public Speaking competition. He is also a Victorian Champion. Wow! We have really taken public speaking to amazing heights. Well done Hugh, Oscar and Emily!

As we move into the Christmas season let us all focus on the "peace that passeth understanding", unconditional love for all, generosity of spirit and compassion for all those who do not yet understand the infinite power of Love. As St Paul said "Let love be without dissimulation. Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love."

Have a blessed Christmas time, celebrating in whatever way enables you to spread love and kindness in the world. Be a beneficial presence in the world.

God bless you all.

Sholto Bowen