Message from the Principal

Huntingtower Meme #1

"I am safe and at peace in the eternal harmony of divine Love. All is well."


The political manoeuvrings and shenanigans that we seem to observe in Canberra and other parts of the world can sometimes give us a sense of disquiet (to put it mildly). I am sure that many of you have lost count of the number of Prime Ministers we have had over the last 10 years and the rapid turnover, often mid-term. At times like this one can be forgiven for complaining or despairing about the lack of leadership and wisdom that seems to be present. We must remember, however, that complaining or getting angry about a situation only entrenches that situation in our thinking and consequently we are more negatively impacted by it and strengthen it. We need to replace it with the picture we DO want and not complain about the one that seems to be present. If we all, individually and collectively, celebrate the presence of decent people, caring communities, wise leaders and positive outcomes, then this is what we will see. As more and more of us choose to NOT complain, NOT criticise and NOT speak doom and gloom, we will all see so much to celebrate, be joyous about and we will positively impact our economy, our communities and our own lives. The only true leadership is the leadership of Infinite Mind and Principal which is in every one of us – no exceptions.

All is well!

We had such a wonderful ceremony to mark the official opening of our new Performing Arts Centre and I am so grateful to so many who made it such a success. To Lynley Bramble and the String Orchestra and Lisa Sutton and the Senior Chamber Choir, thank you so much for the beautiful music that set the scene and reminded us that the PAC is about performance. To the Parents and Friends Group, thank you for providing a wonderful afternoon tea for the guests. Our students who acted as guides and ushers did a wonderful job too and many visitors commented on their graciousness.

Special thanks and congratulations to Marion Power and Valerie Tang. Valerie received a special award at the opening ceremony for winning the Tram Design competition. She produced one of only seven designs chosen from over 180 submitted from mostly experienced and professional artists, that will adorn one of the special trams in Melbourne. She was presented with the award by The Foreign Minister, The Honourable Julie Bishop MP and Julia Banks MP the member for Chisholm.

Chavelle Liu also received an award for the best essay on "Volunteerism" and read her essay beautifully to all assembled.

Congratulations to those in our community who received awards for their volunteer work.

To the grounds staff, office staff and teaching staff, thank you for helping to make the day such a success and for presenting our PAC so beautifully.

Congratulations to our Middle School Chess team who did so well in the recent Chess competition. The boys won their division and got individual First, Second and Third places. The girls team came third overall. The boys are straight into the State finals to be held in October. Thank you to Mr Jones whose tireless enthusiasm ensures that chess is a thriving activity at Huntingtower.

HT Spectacular will be upon us soon. A cast of over 90 plus backstage and support crew will make this one of the biggest shows we have put on in recent years. I do encourage you all to join us for this inaugural show in our new Performing Arts Centre.

The P & F are well into preparations for the 2018 Huntingtower Fete and I ask you all to please look at their pages in this Bulletin to see how you can support it.

Many thanks.

SholtoBowen OAM