Message from the Principal

Thought for the holidays:

"Dare not to change even the slightest thing about a loved one, without first understanding how it might change the rest of them."


Love doesn't judge! Love doesn't criticise, and Love doesn't hurt (contrary to a popular song). Love doesn't need to change anything, it simply is! You are perfect as you are. It is thinking that you are not that causes any problems. Our thoughts become our experience – they do not become the truth. The truth is unchanging and your true self is unchangeable. When we think we are less than perfect, that becomes our temporary reality until we change our thought about ourselves or others and then suddenly, almost miraculously, we and others aren't so bad after all. In order to operate at the highest level of thought (consciousness) and therefore for that to be our experience, we need to base our thinking on absolute truths about who we are. As the expression or reflection of the Divine, infinite intelligence, Love and Truth we can hold that idea of ourselves in our consciousness and so aspire to have that fill our hearts and minds so completely that any other idea has no room to squeeze in. When we can actually do that we can happily sing "What a wonderful world!".

This has been the first term of using our new Performing Arts Centre and we continue to be very excited about it. Our Drama Department, under the direction of Maestro Daniel Borbely, is hard at work preparing for our special production next term called HT Spectacular. This is providing an opportunity for a very large cast of singers, dancers and actors to be on stage and I look forward to seeing all our parents at the performances. We held a special PAC reveal for our past students and were thrilled with the response. Students from all eras were in attendance with one past student flying down from Canberra for the event. We also hope to have a special Grand Opening of the new PAC next Term. We are just waiting for a response from various luminaries who might be able to officiate.

We wish our Touring String Orchestra a very successful European tour and look forward to hearing all about it.

We also have an exciting new International activity for our Middle School students with 14 of them heading over to NASA for the Space Camp. What an amazing opportunity for them all. We are grateful to Mrs Tracy Alles who is accompanying the students to the United States.

We are all so proud of our past student, Chris Freeland, who was awarded an AM in the latest Queens Birthday Honours list. Chris graduated from Huntingtower in 1983. His award recognises his significant service to the Arts in New South Wales. In particular to the Film Industry, Business and the community.Congratulations Chris Freeland AM.

Our three-week Mid-Year holiday seems very timely and is providing many families with the opportunity to travel North to warmer parts of the world. If you are doing so, we wish you bon voyage.

Happy holiday everyone.

Sholto Bowen