Message from the Principal

Thought for the Week:

"We do not heal the past by dwelling there, we heal the past by living fully in the present."

Marianne Williamson

I love this saying from one of my favourite authors, Mike Dooley. He says:  "The illusion is that completion lies just a new toy, friend, job or idea away. The reality is that no one will ever be more complete than they already are."

When we consider Mike's statement we are reminded that we are still as God created us; spiritual, complete and perfect. Even the statement from a well-known movie "you complete me" implies that we need something outside of ourselves. We do not! It's all within us, we just have to be still and listen to the Christ voice that leads us to see all that is there.

At our Commencement Assembly last week, Nova Peris OAM spoke of the road to success in any endeavour. She emphasised that while one needs to have one's eye on the goal, it is so important to set short term goals that can be achieved on the way. She spoke of adversity being the spur to achieving more rather than an anchor holding one back. As a member of the Hockeyroos team at the 1996 Olympics, she has first hand knowledge of the importance of team work and being able to support and fill in the holes wherever necessary and also knowing that other members of the team have your back too. She was a very inspirational speaker.

Those who attended the Commencement Assembly would have heard me talk of the amazing VCE results the graduating class of 2017 achieved. In case you haven't heard yet, here is a summary:

A 100% pass rate

The top Median Study score in the State: 37

30% of all results being over 40

49% of ATAR scores were over 90

Median ATAR 89.7

100% tertiary acceptance

The School Ranking undertaken by The Age ranked Huntingtower as the 6th best performing school in the State including all Select Entry schools. We were ranked as the number 3 Coeducational School in Melbourne behind Mt Scopus Memorial College and Bialik College.

We congratulate all the Staff and the 2017 graduates on this outstanding result.

At the P&F AGM last week, an enthusiastic (and large) committee was formed. I am so grateful to all who came to the meeting and to Stuart Canning who has once again put up his hand to be President of the P&F. Each Year group has the opportunity to have a parent representative at the quarterly P&F meetings and three Year levels still need someone to take on this role of "Class Rep". If any parent from Years 9, 10 or 11 is interested in being the Class Rep, please contact Stuart Canning or myself as soon as possible. Thank you.

This year, the P&F are planning an exciting School Fete and we are calling for parents who might be interested in assisting as their Class's Fete Rep. Once again, please contact Stuart Canning or myself if you are interested.

The new road system is providing a much better traffic flow, especially when everyone remembers that they can't go back out the entrance. I have also had to go around the round-about after forgetting to take the exit road. Thank you for driving carefully while we all get used to the new road and parking/drop-off zones.

Can I also ask parents to NOT come to school early and wait for children in the drop-off zones. These zones are only to pick up children who are waiting for you. Come a little later and let them wait. Until the end of the House Music Festival, all Senior School students will remain at school until 4pm on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Please don't come to school before 4pm to pick up your child on those days. Let them wait for you. Many thanks for your understanding.

I wish you all a very happy year at Huntingtower.

Sholto Bowen