Message from the Principal

Thought for the week:

"No matter what anyone else thinks of you, God thinks you're divine."

Marianne Williamson

It can be very difficult to have high standards and high expectations. We genuinely believe that every child is divine, beautiful, kind and intelligent. However, we also have standards that need to be maintained in order to keep the atmosphere, environment and culture at Huntingtower as loving, caring, supportive and free of negative influences as possible. In many instances when someone has made an error, it is possible to give a warning and ask them not to do it again. Unfortunately, sometimes a line is crossed that makes it impossible for me to give a second chance. This does not mean that we love the person any less or that they are less loved by God; they are always "held lovingly in the hands of the Father".

I remind every student of their commitment to "always be kind" which includes kindness and respect to themselves and others. Smoking, drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs or encouraging the use of these substances in others is absolutely breaking this expectation and can lead to the loss of one's place at Huntingtower. I thank everyone in the community for their support in the maintenance of this high standard.

An article shared by a colleague at a NSW Independent school talked of the disappointing redefining of the word "truth". It seems that even leaders in the highest positions feel that truth is dependent on who is saying something rather than on it actually being the truth. When we are reminded that the Bible tells us that God is Truth we realise that truth is not a variable, it is not manipulable, it is not partial, it is absolute. We must maintain our standards or we run the risk of deteriorating into "chaos and dark night" and the lowest common denominator becomes the only thing that is acceptable.

It was such a pleasure to be present at the VCE Premier's Awards Ceremony this past Thursday to celebrate the achievements of Eddie Chen, Daniel Gates, Jerome Han and Param Patwala and to see them receive their award from the Deputy Premier and Education Minister, the Honourable James Merlino. Congratulations to each student and their teachers on this fine achievement.

We wish the school's EISM Athletics team every success as they compete in the Division One EISM Athletics Carnival next week.

Sholto Bowen OAM